Tree Surgery

Our tree surgery services

  • Consultancy, inspections and surveys
  • Pest disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Tree surgery and specimen tree planting
  • Crown thinning, lifting and reduction
  • Pollarding and tree felling to BS 3998
  • Stump grinding, removal and formative pruning

You may already have some idea of what needs to be done however it helps to have in mind a clear description of the different ways to tend to a tree including preserving the life of a tree, strengthening the tree’s defences in harsh weather and improving overall tree health.

Crown reduction

It can be possible to extend a tree’s lifespan with a combination of crown reduction and thinning. The process also serves to keep a tree in place that may otherwise outgrow its position. We often use this for older trees to improve stability and longevity.

Crown raising

Possibly the best way to enhance accessibility around a tree, or reduce over-bearing visibility of it without having to remove the tree altogether.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning can help the tree to manage strong winds and allow air to move freely through it. It also allows light to enter the tree, aiding healthy growth.

Dead-wooding tree surgery

As the name suggests, dead-wooding is the removal of all dead, diseased, or damaged branches. This when needed can really improve the overall health of the tree.

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